Do It Yourself Delivery Package
This package is perfect if you do not need bartenders at your event. This will be delivered to you in the quantities below with fruit pre-cut and ready to go. 


2 Bud Light cases

2 Michelob Golden cases

2 Schlafly White Lager cases


3 Ryder Estate Cabernet bottles

3 Castle Rock Chardonnay bottles

3 Centorri Moscato bottles



2 Four Roses bottles

2 Titos bottles

1 Casamigos bottle

1 Captain Morgan bottle


3 Tonic bottles

1 Cranberry Juice bottle

3 Coke Bottles

2 Diet Coke Bottles

3 Sprite bottles

4 Limes, pre-cut

2 Lemons, pre-cut

1 Grenadine bottle

* Items & Quantities can be substituted for an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.